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Carrie Amann

PASAE Foundation 2023 Chair

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Foundation Chair Q and A:

How Iong have you worked in the industry, and what do you do in your current position?

I serve as the Executive Director at the PA Workforce Development Association for nearly four years (this March!). As the chief executive I work with the staff team, our Board, members and other stakeholders to promote the interests of Pennsylvania’s workforce development system and provide professional development and capacity building to workforce development professionals.


Why did you go into this industry?

The opportunity arose! In my career I have worked in a variety of local services and state roles in workforce development and education – PWDA is a long standing (nearly 40 years old) Association advocating for a strong and responsive workforce development system and service delivery. I strongly believe in the PWDA mission and the impact our members have for Pennsylvania employers, workers, jobseekers and students; I’m grateful to work in this position everyday.


What has been a key to your success over the years?

I’m always learning! Professional development, capacity building, a good podcast, coffee-meet up – all of it has been helpful to navigate the positioning of PWDA to be the go-to resource on workforce development issues in PA.


Have you faced industry-related challenges recently and what have you done to overcome them?

Workforce issues are impacting every single industry in Pennsylvania. Our Association supports organizations and professionals who help employers find and keep skilled talent and connecting talent with quality careers. Exploring mission critical ways that our Association can expand to address the larger workforce issues being felt across the Commonwealth while advocating for the industry’s need to be responsive is a constant challenge and opportunity.


What do you find is the biggest benefit of being a member of PASAE?

Tapping into the peer networking opportunities provided by PASAE has been extremely valuable to my everyday work.


What do you hope to contribute as the PASAE Foundation Chair?

The PASAE Foundation provides critical support to the current and next generation of Association leaders through our scholarship and education grant opportunities. Lifting up the Foundation’s work and promoting its untapped potential is something I look forward to working on with the Foundation and PASAE Board over the next year.​

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